Into The Woods

Last autumn I had a family photo shoot in the woods. Even though it was a bit cold outside, the pictures turned out beautifully. They reflect the family dynamics and the personalities of all four family members. It was a relaxed shoot and the location made it interesting with varied backgrounds and rich colours. We spent two hours and I didn’t want it to end, as we were having such fun! The kids (and the adults!) were running and jumping around. I even asked them to throw leaves at me; my hair was a mess afterwards but it was all worth it in the end!

If you’re thinking of having a portrait shoot to capture your family, there are more location options than just a white background in a studio. I’ve previously done shoots in gardens, bluebell fields, London and in people’s homes. Using an outside location often makes for more natural pictures, as children play and can be themselves. Plus, you can incorporate the family pet!

Some backgrounds are not always obvious, such as old fences or ruins. Texture is important for black and white pictures so I usually look out for wood, stone or old buildings.

In the end the location and background need to reflect your personality. That’s why graffiti art work can look good as a background for teenagers and spring flowers can look lovely when used as a background for younger children.

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