Celebrating 30 years running a successful photography business!

From the first time I picked up a camera, I fell in love with photography! Starting at college and learning how to process and develop a film, I was fascinated with the image appearing on a sheet of photographic paper in the darkroom. I knew then I wanted to be a photographer! I was fortunate enough to find a job as an assistant for a BA photographer. I had many various and exciting assignments like flying on Concorde, talking cameras with Bryan Adams in the Concorde lounge and taking photos of celebrities like Philip Schofield, Bob Geldof, Joan Collins, the England Football Team, rock group Queen and The Queen herself! It’s been an amazing career, and since running my business I’ve diversified my skills to be a commercial/PR photographer, a wedding photographer, school and nursery photographer, portrait and family photographer and event photographer. I see life through a lens and the passion for photography has never gone. I’m forever grateful to all my previous customers for letting me capture their moment in time and letting me have such a fantastic career doing a job I love to bits.

Here are a couple of shots of me in the early days with Concorde and a spare shot of The Queen shoot!

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