A beautiful wedding at Farnham Castle

I was looking forward to Cara & James wedding at Farnham Castle.  I have a soft spot for old ruined castles because I got married in one myself!  Cara was getting ready in the Gate House on the grounds, and the light inside was gorgeous, until the weather changed!  Thunder, lightning and gale force winds! It managed to calm down so that Cara could walk across for the ceremony.  She was in fits of giggles during the ceremony and we all thought she would never stop laughing enough to be able to say her vows!

We had hoped to do a large group shot of everyone outside, but it really wasn’t possible due to the weather.  I managed to take some confetti shots on the under cover steps, and then took the decision to do all the group shots inside.  They have a lovely large, bright room at Farnham castle fortunately , so it made my job a bit easier, as there were a lot of guests to get under control!

We finally went back to the steps for some photographs with the bridal party, but the weather was so appalling that Cara and James decided that they did not want to venture out in it at all…!  However, after the starter was served, there was a small break from the rain, so with only 10 minutes before the main meal was served, we went to the entrance of the castle and finally managed a few shots with the castle as a backdrop!  Life as a wedding photographer is never easy and you often have to think and adapt really fast!

The speeches were hilarious and Cara was in fits of giggles again.  Everything went very smoothly despite the weather, and the couple took to the dance floor with some great moves!  They had obviously been practising!

I hope this is the last of my wet weddings for a while, although you do end up having to be more creative – that’s for sure!



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